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Student Loan Direct
Student Loan Direct
About Student Loan in a Simple Way
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1. Borrowing Student Loan is a responsible decision!

Student Loan is a long-term financial commitment. Before you borrowed, find sufficient information, with special regard to risks.

2. If you have not done it yet we recommend you to inform yourself about the material aspects of further education.

3. Why Student Loan beneficial?

Student Loan is a special loan with low interests, to be requested for students participating in higher education. Its aim is to provide financial opportunity to young people who would like to obtain a degree but resources necessary for studying are only available to them partly or not at all. Verified incomes are not required in order to the credit application, no guarantor or any other funds are required.


4. Can I borrow Student Loan?

The vast majority of students in higher education are entitled to Student Loan. The loan can be borrowed by students participating in programmes financed out of state grants, as well as self-financing, either full-time or evening or correspondence course or distance education if they are under the age of 45.*

5. Decide which Student Loan shall I borrow?



6. How much do I need to repay?

With the help of the calculator, you can estimate the period expected to be necessary for you to repay the Student Loan and with what repayment instalments.

7. How can I get Student Loan?

Get information on further instalments at the website
If you cannot find a reply to your questions you can use our online client service, call or contact us at our personal client service. Get information, ask, and take action.
If you have decided to borrowed Student Loan: About application and paying back
Efficient and quick administration = Student Loan Direct