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Student Loan Direct
Student Loan Direct
About Student Loan in a Simple Way
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Student Loan1 is a Student Loan of free use available both for students receiving state grants and those participating in self-financing programmes.

What expenditures can be covered by Student Loan1 credit of free use?

  • In order to cover expenditures related to daily life (e.g. meals, travel costs)
  • In order to pay for accommodation, rent, dorm fees
  • For expenditures related to university life (e.g. for buying textbooks, university books etc.)
  • For learning languages, language courses required for the degree
  • for complementary financing with Erasmus-scholarship

The Student Loan2, Student Loan of fixed use is a construction exclusively available for students studying in self-financing form, with an annual interest of 0%.

It is only available for the settlement of the tuition fee of the programme due towards a higher educational institution (university / college).

Comparison table

  Student Loan of free use
(Student Loan1)
Student Loan of fixed use
(Student Loan2)
Who borrows? Anybody, independently of financing form Students taking part in exclusively self-financing programmes
What amount can be borrowed? Maximum 70,000 Hungarian Forints per month Maximum the amount of the programme cost
What can it be spent on? On anything Exclusively for the payment of the programme cost
How much is the Student Loan interest rate? 1,99%* 0%**
When should the repayment be started? From the first day of the fourth month after the termination of your legal status as a student, as well as no later than reaching the age 45.
Application: Student Loan1 application Student Loan2 application

* The interest on Student Loan is variable. The valid interest rate is 1.99%.
** Thanks to the state interest support, the interest to be paid by the clients is 0% per year