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About Student Loan in a Simple Way
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Do You Study In A Member State Of The EEA?

Do you study abroad?

Who is entitled to borrow Student Loan abroad?

In the case of studies abroad you are entitled to the credit if you:

  • are a Hungarian citizen,
  • are acknowledged as a refugee or
  • have a residence or immigration permit.

You can receive the Student Loan in case you are participating in a programme in the EEA directed towards obtaining the higher educational institution’s degree that provides a higher educational degree that can be accredited in Hungary.

If you have the legal status of student in a Hungarian higher educational institution and you are carrying out partial studies abroad then the general rules will apply to the application of the Student Loan.

If you have the right to free movement and residence in Hungary then may not apply for student credit for studies in a higher educational institution of the EEA.

Documents that need to be sent

On the first occasion, besides the credit application datasheet, you will need to send the following documents:

  • certificates issued by the EEA higher educational institution, regarding your legal status of student with existing with the institution as well as including the programme details required for the disbursement, (and their authentic translation into Hungarian*)
  • the datasheet “Details of Programmes Abroad” can be filled out at Student Loan Direct

Verifying your legal status as a student is your task. In every semester, you will need to certify that your legal status as a student is ongoing even if the disbursement is being suspended. Failing to do so will activate your repayment obligation.

Then, in every semester, you will need to send

  • a certificate of your legal status as a student (and its authentic Hungarian translation*)
  • the Academic Datasheet that can be filled out in Student Loan Direct

The latest deadline to send the documents is the 15th of December in the autumn semester and the 15th of May in the spring semester.

We will forward the submitted forms to the Department of Education (the Department of Education) in order to confirm that the indicated programme provides a higher educational degree acknowledged in Hungary. The Credit Contract will turn into force on the day when the positive certificate issued by the Department of Education will reach us.

* The Hungarian Translation and Translation Authentication Office (Budapest VI. ker., Bajza u. 52, Hungary) as well as the consulate are entitled to prepare authentic Hungarian translations; however, in the case of certain languages, the Student Loan Centre will also accept non-authentic translations, namely: English, Czech, French, Russian, Romanian and Slovak. Further details can be found at the website of the Department of Education.

How and when can you get the Student Loan?

We will transfer the Student Loan to your bank account held at your name at a credit institution registered in Hungary in case of compliance with the disbursement and eligibility conditions and you have also forwarded the appropriate documents to us.

The disbursement date depends on when you have submitted your credit application. We can transfer the credit amount with the following disbursement in case your contract turns into effect at least 5 working days before the disbursement, the criterion to which is that the Department of Education matters a positive confirmation regarding your programme.