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About Student Loan in a Simple Way
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Who Can Borrow Student Loan1?

The majority of students in higher education are entitled to Student Loan. The credit can be by students participating in programmes financed out of state grants, as well as self-financing, either full-time or evening or correspondence or distance education.

Everybody is entitled to borrowing Student Loan if he or she:

  • is over the age of 45*,
  • is a Hungarian citizen,
  • is recognized as a refugee,
  • has a residence or immigration permit,
  • at a legal title specified in the Decree **, has a right to free movement and residence in Hungary.

The student credit can be borrowed if he or she:

  • has a valid student’s legal status in a higher educational institution,
  • has reported their place of residence in the register of Personal details and residential address,
  • has enrolled for the given programme period and
  • has no valid Student Loan contract of free use.

He or she whose Credit contract concluded earlier has been terminated and has not paid back his or her debt is not entitled to borrowing Student Loan. No one can have twoStudent Loan contracts; everybody can only have a single Credit Contract.

He or she who has been convicted by the court to imprisonment to be legally implemented and whose imprisonment has not yet been implemented or if the implementability that has not yet been terminated, unless the court has released the convict to conditional release, cannot initiate the borrowing of the credit of free use.

* The Student Loan can be disbursed for the last time in the semester when the person entitled turns 45.

** Legal titles specified in the Decree:

  • In accordance with act 1 of 2007 on the entry and residence of persons with the right to free movement and residence (hereinafter, according to the Hungarian abbreviation as Szmtv.) if he or she is a citizen of the EEA who is Hungary for a period longer than three months in order to carry out an money-earning activity, and also if this person is the family member of a person entitled to residence for a period over three months,
  • the family member of a Hungarian citizen carrying out money-earning activity who is entitled to residence at the territory of Hungary for a period longer than three months,
  • who is entitled to permanent residence in accordance with Szmtv.