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About Student Loan in a Simple Way
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How Can You Get Student Loan2?

After the 15th August 2012, the paper-based forms have been terminated, all administration related to Student Loan must be initiated through the Student Loan Direct interface (; thus, students participating in higher education will be eligible for Student Loan2 with the help of the forms downloaded from the Student Loan Direct interface.

How can I apply for Student Loan2?

It is very simple The required datasheets can be filled in at the credit administration interface of the Student Loan website, through Student Loan Direct, which should be submitted in larger post offices, as well as in the assigned branches of cooperating banks and saving banks. A detailed list of the places of submission here can be found. Concluding the Credit Contract is also possible through an authorized person.

One also have the opportunity to apply for Student Loan at the interface of the electronic academic system of the higher educational institution (Neptun / ETR), as well. The credit application datasheets filled out here are signed and printed at one of the Academic Department of the given institution, the credit submission points or at one of the Personal Client service points of the Student Loan Centre.

Thanks to the client-friendly developments, you will not need to fill out personal and academic details in the academic system at the time of the application anymore, since Student Loan Direct adapts these details automatically from the academic systems of the institutions. This way, there can be no variation between the details of the student / applicant at the Student Loan Centre vs. at the higher educational institution, thus, credit disbursement can become smoother.

What might be needed..

In order to fill out the credit application datasheet, you will need a list containing the numerical and letter codes of the higher educational institutions. You can find the most recent data on our website.

Sign every page.

In order for the Credit Contract to be valid, in front of the person entitled for receipt, you will need to sign both copies of the credit application datasheet, as well as the Credit Contract.

Attention! You need to sign 6 pages in total.

The person entitled to receipt will check the Credit Contract and the credit application datasheet.

Until when can I apply?

If you would like to receive money as early as at the date of the first transfer then you should submit your credit application no later than until the 15th September or, in the spring semester, until the 15th February.

The date of the first disbursement of the Student Loan is October the 15th in the autumn semester and in the spring semester, the 14th of March. Should the day of the transfer of the Student Loan fall on a bank holiday then we will pay on the previous working day.

By taking into consideration the following deadlines, the Student Loan2 can be requested any time in the autumn and spring semesters of 2014 / 2015:

Application deadlines










The final deadline of the application for Student Loan is the 15th December in the autumn semester and the 15th of May in the spring semester. Should you request the credit following this deadline then you can only receive the loan in the following academic semester.

A criterion for the disbursement of the Student Loan is the active student’s legal status. Only those can receive Student Loan whose legal status of student has been confirmed by the academic department to the Student Loan Centre; thus, it is worth enrolling / applying into the academic institution as soon as possible.

Other deadlines apply to those studying abroad. Find further details here.

Note: No other deadline applies to those studying abroad if they send every document and verification, as well as certified translation until the 15th day of September and then they can receive disbursement on the 15th October the same way.

What should you take with you for the application?

For the credit application, you should bring:

  • your personal identification document that can be: old-type, booklet-format personal ID, new -type, card-format personal identification document, passport, driver’s license issued after the 1st January 2001, a personal ID justifying refugee status, personal identification document confirming the status of settlement and immigration, EEA citizen’s residence permit;
  • Authority’s ID confirming the address of residence, unless the address of residence is included in the old-type, booklet-format personal ID;
  • Tax identification card or an authority certificate issued by the former Hungarian tax authority (APEH), confirming the tax ID sign.
How can the authorized person apply for Student Loan2?

If you request the Student Loan through an authorized person then the authorized person should bring their personal document verifying their personal identity and the authority’s document verifying their address of residence as well as an authorization included in a public notary deed containing at least the following:

  • the credit borrower’s data,
  • the signature of the credit borrower and the authorized person,
  • the authorized person’s name, their place of residence (if their correspondence address is different then their correspondence address, as well), mother’s name at birth, as well as the identification data of the document verifying their personal identity (number, letter sign) and also:
  • the Credit borrower’s expressed statement about the fact that the authorized person is entitled to fill out the credit application datasheet on his or her behalf and in his or her name as well as sign the Credit Contract and the credit application datasheet on his or her behalf and in his or her name.
Numerical and letter codes of higher educational and secondary educational institutions

In order to fill out the credit application datasheet and a few modification datasheets, you will need a list of the numerical and letter codes of the higher educational institutions or the secondary educational institutions.

Student Loan1: A list of the higher educational and secondary educational institutionsCredit application datasheet, Credit Contract

We would like to help you orientate by the fact that on our website you can view the credit application datasheet and the Credit Contract. If you would like to request the Student Loan please refer to our website where, under the Credit application menu, you can fill out the required forms.

You can only apply for Student Loan in Hungarian, through a form in two copies The form consists of the Credit Contract and the Credit Application Datasheet. After having filled it out, please visit one of the submission places. One of the signed and stamped copies of the form must be returned to you.

When can your institution receive disbursement?

Checking the legal status of a student

The disbursement of Student Loan2 can only be implemented in case you have enrolled / applied for the given academic period. After signing the Credit Contract, we make arrangements with the academic department in order to check the legal status of the student. Therefore, you should enrol / apply to the higher educational institution as soon as possible. As soon as the higher educational institution confirms the student’s legal status on time and positively, the Credit Contract turns into force; thus, at the time of the following disbursement, the amount of the tuition fee applied for will be transferred to your institution.

Student Loan2 disbursement

If you have the legal status of student then following the checking of the data we will transfer the credit amount to the bank account of your institution on disbursement day. In the given semester, the first disbursement day of Student Loan2 is the 15th day of the second academic month.

Example: if you submit your credit application before the 15th of September 2020 and it complies with the credit borrowing requirements and your higher educational institution has also confirmed your legal status of student then we will transfer the amount of your Student Loan2 credit no later than on the 15th October.

Student Loan2: A list of the higher educational institutions