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About Student Loan in a Simple Way
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Elfogadom és hozzájárulok az adataim kezeléséhez a Jogi nyilatkozatban foglaltak szerint.
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Why Is Student Loan beneficial2?

He or she who uses this unique credit opportunity, can receive credit with especially favourable conditions.

No credit evaluation

No income, no guarantor and no funds are needed for the credit application. He or she who requests Student Loan and complies with the credit borrowing and eligibility conditions, will receive the credit amount chosen by them.


Student Loan2 is a credit of fixed use and can only be spent on programme cost.

Lump-sum disbursement

Student Loan2 is transferred directly to the higher educational institutions; thus, students are not directly involved with the credit amount. The credit available for students having gained credit for a self-financing programme, the credit has no upper limits. The applicant can borrow a maximum amount that is equal to his or her payment obligation with the institution.

Repayment can wait

No need for immediate repayment. You only have to start the repayment of this credit after your legal status as a student is over; however, no later than reaching the age of 40.

Repayment in proportion with the income

The size of the repayment and the period of its repayment are adjusted to the income data. Regarding the difficulties of starting a career, we have introduced further facilitations for, the first two years of the repayment period. According to these, in the year when starting the repayment and in the year following it, repayment must be made only on the basis of the minimum wage. Starting from the third repayment year, the basis for the calculation of the repayment instalment is the gross annual income of the two preceding years. If the income reported later does not reach the amount of the minimum wage then repayment must still be made on the basis of the minimum wage.

Unrestricted Early repayment

Any time during the period of the repayment of the credit, early repayment is possible, without either limitations or extra charges. The amount of the early repayment decreases the capital debt directly, this way it is possible to shorten the period of the payment of the Student Loan.

Freely adapted maturity

The maturity of the repayment of the Student Loan is not fixed in advance. The maturity depends on when the entire credit debt can be repaid out of the repayment instalments to be paid obligatorily and out of the repayments.

An early repayment can be made any time, with any frequency, in any amount, free of charge.

An early repayment can be made any time, with any frequency, in any amount, free of charge, as well as in the compulsory repayment period, besides transferring the monthly instalments before the deadline.

Benefits to Student Loan Borrowers

In the case of Student Loan2, those may request the suspension of the repayment who are receiving pregnancy confinement benefit, child-care fee or home-care allowance, who are eligible to disability and rehabilitation supply or disability and rehabilitation benefit and those who establish a new legal status as student before reaching the age of 40., besides, the specified mitigation of the repayment instalment can be requested for a maximum of 36 months by those who are repaying Student Loan according to their income; thus, are at least in the 3rd year following the beginning of their repayment obligation and are not paying the repayment instalment specified on the basis of the minimum wage.